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1:1 Powder Brows / Microblading course is for those students, who want to learn at own pace. It is up to you which technique you want to choose. This way you will have more than enough time to practice and ask questions. There is "3-day Beginner Course"- that comes with a starter kit and two models for practice- for those with no experience in the field of SPMU and "2-day Beginner Artists Course"- without a kit as you already use your own equipment- for those who already accept clients but feel like there are some areas they could improve- this course comes with one practice model on the second day.

There is also "All-in-one Day Course" available for artist that need tutoring in some specific areas. To book your class please leave us a message as you will be required to pay the deposit to book your training. 

You can book your class directly here and leave me a message with the area of interest you'd like to cover during our tutoring session.

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Available Techniques

  • Microblading

  • Powder/Ombre Brows

  • Lip Blush

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