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Does Microblading hurt?

This question always pops up during consultation! ... and if it didn't it means you were too scared to ask/didn't want to know. It makes me smile when I write it because I know most of my clients fall asleep during procedure (sleeping beauties!). First question when they wake up? It's not: "Can I have a mirror?", it is: "Did I snore?" - I also want to include that because to me it actually shows how comfortably you feel and that's the indicator you are in fact asleep and I'm fully focused on my work knowing you are well. Snoring during treatment is good- I'm waiting for your snoring, come on and have a nap, it's 1-1,5h only but which one of us women ever takes a nap during the day? That's what I thought.

In my forms I recommend to book appointment earlier than two weeks before your period- to avoid getting tattooed during your most sensitive time of the month. For sensitive clients I offer additional 20 minutes of rest with my favourite vegan and cruelty-free numbing goodness.

You might say: but tattoo hurts! I've heard from my friend that cream doesn't help at all.

The most important difference is depth- the deeper needle goes the more exposure to pain we get, however, the fact that Permanent Makeup is done with machine and cartridge needle doesn't necessarily mean the process is the same. During Permanent Makeup/ Microblading session needle shouldn't go deeper than 1,5mm while in tattooing that rule doesn't apply- ink is implemented deeper than that and it could be quite painful- which we totally forget once we see the results!

1,5mm deep? What do you think? Does that sound deep, extremely shallow? It's similar to paper cut- it doesn't penetrate dermis - layer of our skin (1,5-4mm deep) - so it doesn't touch capillaries and cannot cause excessive bleeding (if you followed Pre-Care Instructions) so the pain level should me nonexistent to minimal, easily manageable with numbing agent.

Pain management is a huge part of my job - if I failed at providing my clients a good level of comfort I wouldn't be able to peacefully perform my work. I always check on pain level during treatment to know how you feel, if numbing agent could be needed. You will be surprised- most clients report pain level for 1-3 out of 10! I like to think that during workout I rate my pain way higher than this yet I choose to keep on going, willingly!

To summarise, both Eyebrow Microblading and Permanent Makeup are generally comfortable to most clients, keep in mind that client base consists of people with different pain threshold yet pain level was never ranked higher than 3! It also doesn't mean that pain at this level was present throughout the treatment- it's just moments when numbing agent wears off, right before it's applied, so in fact- these are seconds, not even minutes to feel that minimal pain.

You don't need to fear pain when booking your Eyebrow Microblading treatment because 3 isn't really in 'painful' category.

I will run a poll and post an update here for the sake of legitimacy of this post.

... or simply book your appointment and let me know in the comment section!


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