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Microblading- Naturally Full Eyebrows

When I tell my clients: "I'm going to ask you a few questions to help you choose the most suitable technique for you" I hear: "I didn't know there is any choice". Let's break it down!

There are a many techniques available on the market, however today we will only focus on microblading. By some, named most natural eyebrow result. Let's focus on facts.

Microblading is hairstroke only technique- meaning it is done with microblading tool that consists of multiple (14-20 needle configurations are most common) needles combined together. They are put together in either slant or u-shape, which is chosen based on artist's microblading style and preference. Needles that create a tool also have different thickness, where anywhere between 0.16mm-0.18mm are considered most popular and are called nano blades, 0.2mm blades are still used by some- they create slightly thicker hairstrokes but also are easier to work with for beginners as they create more visible hairstrokes- wider = accept more pigment as a result giving more saturated results. Hairstrokes are supposed to mimic eyebrow's natural hair-flow and make it look seamless with your natural hair, which might seem easy, but try to draw realistically looking eyebrow with a pencil...

Microblading is considered most natural method of Semi-Permanent Makeup, however that depends on the result you are looking for. If you wear eyebrow makeup everyday and you use pomade or powder to create it, then microblading only most likely won't fulfil your vision- as hairstrokes are very thin and are supposed to mimic your hairstrokes to create better, fuller eyebrow, they don't have any background filled with colour. Moreover, microblading alone has special requirements you need to follow in order to maintain it beautifully for the next 2 years and these are:

- minimal pores,

- dry to normal skin,

- no major asymmetry.

I often recommend it for those of you who describe their #browgoals as fluffy, full, messy, fashionable, bigger and usually it fits well with: "I don't usually wear makeup","I'm looking for something to fill in some gaps" or "My main goal is to find and define most flattering shape without too much of a colour". Natural microblading should look minimalistic, hairstrokes should be kept apart far enough to ensure beautiful results for longer period and avoid blurring after 6-12 months. Have a look at healed work before making the decision as you might find it very helpful.

We regularly post healed Microblading / healed Permanent Makeup results on our stories so follow us for most up-to-date work, if you haven't already!


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