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Microblading vs Nanoblading (and what you should get)

Microblading is the most known form of permanent makeup. Everyone heard of microblading at some point of their life- if they haven't they are missing out! (Microblading- a form of semi-permanent makeup that is performed using microblading tool. Pigment is implemented in the upped-dermis to achieve long-lasting, true-to-colour results. It lasts anywhere between 1-3 years depending on the type of skin).

Both Microblading and Nanoblading are like the name says related with blades, but one is performed by micro-blade and the other by nano-blade. As you might remember from Science or Math 'Micro' equals one millionth and 'Nano' equals one billionth- so accordingly, as you might expected, Nano-Blade is thinner. What does this difference mean to us? Thinner blade means thinner hair strokes, less trauma, more natural results.


Microblading is the star of the show- everyone knows this technique and know that it's a hair stroke technique, so a lot of artist (including myself) offer Nanoblading under 'Microblading' service - as the purpose is the same, but the second naming is more popular.

When I started woking on clients almost 4 years ago, the typical microblade was 0.2mm, when nanoblade is anywhere below that: 0,18mm, 0,16mm and 0,14mm.

This all sounds amazing and you probably think: hey, that's exactly what I want! Super-crisp hairstrokes that will blend perfectly with my natural hair/immitate lack of natural hair! The thing is if the blade is thinner there is less pigment implanted and the results are even less visible. Keep in mind, that freshly-done microblading might look a bit bold and contrasting but the truth it, once the top layer of the skin peel off with all the pigment in it and leave behind what's left in upper-dermis there is not much left, so microblading- I'm talking about my technique, from 4-years of experience point of view- can heal perfectly natural too. Hairstrokes done with 0,2mm blade and 0,18mm, 0,16mm or 0,14mm blade can all look extremely clean and crisp if done by experienced artist with lots of experience.

At the salon we offer nanoblading as we always use blades that are 0,2mm>.

Hope this post made it clearer for you and please send us a message on if you have any question. Allow 3 working days for the response.

Have the most beautiful day!


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