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Where it all started

Most of you come from our instagram account and those of you who don't - let's catch up! I'm Ada, Microblading and Permanent Makeup Specialist with 3+ years of experience and over 700 performed procedures. Even though our main focus are eyebrows and transforming your lives with them- after all, we are House of Natural Brows- we offer other services we love the results of: Lip Blush, Aquarelle Lips, Lipstick Effect, Saline Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Removal, Inkless Stretch Mark Removal (ISR) and Lip Fillers.

I often get asked if I went to some beauty academy, permanent makeup school etc. It all started with my obsession with Microblading. I was following MicrobladingLA instagram account, trying to distinguish microbladed hairstrokes from the real ones. I loved makeup, but it all started with eyebrows- they were my thing. When I lived in Los Angeles I would go to MAC and talk about makeup trends with makeup artists there, classic story: you go to buy t-shirt, end up buying makeup you didn't even know you needed. Eyebrows were slowly becoming a thing back then- it was shortly before Anastasia BH created her revolutionary pomade and turned eyebrows into fashionable accessory again- so defined eyebrows weren't popular just yet. As it normally is with the trends most of them are laughed at in the beginning, before some celebrity calls it 'a thing' and everybody instantly wants it. I feel like eyebrows made our faces look naturally good so it was instantly voted 'must-have' by majority. I cannot count how many people- yes, some men asked me for product recommendation for their wives!- would actually ask me about products and brushes I was using for my eyebrows, people were stopping me in the streets or at the restaurants. I was dining with my hubs when two women approached me asking about my brows. We were talking about eyebrows for 20 minutes straight. When they left thanking me for the tips and offering me to pay for our dinner to express their appreciation my husband told me: you are so passionate about eyebrows, you should do something about it. I knew deep down, that makeup was my hobby, but I wasn't passionate enough to follow that path.

Few months later, I saw Huda Kattan's (HUDA Beauty founder) video about getting eyebrows microbladed by Lindsey Ta (MicrobladingLA founder, master artist and later on- my mentor). I loved Lindsey's work and knew she's celebrities' favourite microblading artist, but seeing her doing Huda's eyebrows got me realise how trendy microblading was getting. I though, if Huda's full eyebrows got enhanced by microblading imagine how life-changing experience it would be for someone with very little or no eyebrows at all?! One evening I was scrolling through instagram and stared at MicrobladingLA account. I've heard my husband in the background saying: "You should do it". I asked him: "what do you mean? Do what?" "Do eyebrows" he said and left- no, he did not, but it made me laugh thinking that would add a bit drama to this scene lol! There it was- the seed planted in my mind. Fast forward to a few months later, we were on the plane, travelling to LA and this is where it all stared. I'm smiling when writing it down now, but I've learnt so much about myself through having my own business. Best lesson to start off with is: "If you're passionate about something you will make it work". I enjoy being called 'Microblading Specialist' as I worked hard for it, talent won't get you far if you aren't willing to put in work. I hate waking up before 7am, yet I'm doing it with a smile on my face when I need to travel to London to work. Passion is everything! If you're looking for "Microblading Artist Near Me" and you're happen to live in Surrey, hopefully I'll see you around!



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